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I have often been asked why borrowers and loan originators like working with me. I think it’s because I can’t comprehend not doing everything humanly possible to take care of my clients and employees. Why leave ANY stone unturned if more can be done to better a borrower’s financial situation? We are talking about most people’s single largest financial investment. I take that responsibility very seriously.

So that being said, what does the Bear have to do with it?

Several years ago, I got a call from a wonderful woman who had suffered through a terrible divorce and the credit issues that had thus ensued. When the dust settled, she had a low credit score and needed about 100 more points to qualify for a home and begin her life anew. Every lender that peered at her credit, not only would not help her, but many would not return her calls or emails either. She was about to give up on her dream home ownership. As a last ditch effort, she searched online for a lender that would help her, and was connected with me.

After three months of speaking with her almost every day—guiding her through the maze of creditors, collections, and documentation—she was able to increase her credit score and qualify for 100% financing on the house she had only dreamed of owning. She was able to close on that house approximately six months after our initial phone call.

At the time, I thought I was just doing my job. I appreciated her kind thanks and moved on after she closed on her home. However, a month later, a box came to the office addressed to me. The box was from the Build-A-Bear Company.

This kind woman was a senior official at Build-A-Bear and had had a bear made especially for me. “Ben Macht the Mortgage Super Hero” was his name. Since that day over 14 years ago, that bear has sat in my office staring at me. It has reminded me every day of why I do what I do, and why I approach every loan, borrower, and pre approval the same way.

No matter how small, large, difficult, or insurmountable the dream of home ownership may be, it is the most important dream; it deserves every ounce of my attention and effort. My approach and tenacity in helping people achieve that dream grows stronger every time I look up at that shelf and see that little bear staring back at me.

Feel free to call or email me at any time to set up your personalized, complimentary, one-on-one consultation. We will make your home purchase aspirations our number one focus. Let me guide you with the help of my little friend, Ben Macht the Mortgage Super Hero.

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Being Self Employed made getting a new home mortgage a lot tougher than I thought it would be. In fact, I had been turned down by my local credit union and was about to lose the contract on the home of my dreams until a friend of mine referred me to Ben Macht and his team. They really took the time to dig into my entire financial situation and it turns out that I did actually qualify for an FHA mortgage – the guy at my credit union just didn’t know how to calculate my self employed income! If I had never gone to see Ben Macht and his staff, I would not be living in my new home today. Those guys really know their stuff!”

- Client: Bob G., Jacksonville, Florida

“I had heard that refinancing was a nightmare from my friends. Reluctantly, I applied on line and received several calls from a variety of lenders. One conversation stood out from all the rest – when I spoke with Ben Macht, I could tell that he really was concerned about my financial well being and he showed me ways to look at my mortgage more as a tool to financial security rather than a burden. Within a few weeks, not only did I have a new mortgage that saved me hundreds of dollars per month, but, I felt like I had an eye-opening education on the mortgage that really made me feel at ease with the decisions I was making. Ben Macht’s assistance was truly a blessing for my family!

- Client: Margo S, Clearwater, Florida

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